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Approach to Change

At Cold Creek Counseling, we believe that there are many ways to accomplish life changes. People can:

  • Change their perceptions in order to view problems/issues differently

  • Make changes in behavior in order to react and respond differently to problems/issues

  • Make structural changes to the environment around them (where you live, where you work, the people in your life) in order to remove problems/ issues 

One way or another change is possible and we can help you explore your problems / issues and open space for positive changes.

At Cold Creek Counseling we believe that everyone is infinitely unique and that problems  / issues are viewed and experienced through the relative perception of each individual.  Because everyone and every situation is different, we do not believe it is possible for therapists to be “experts” or provide “expert advice”. Instead, we consider the therapist role to be more like a guide, helping people explore their problems / issues in order to gain new insights and perspectives.


Ultimately, YOU are the expert on your life and this counseling process can help you gain more confidence to stand on your own expertise.  We will facilitate a discussion that helps open space for positive life changes. You will explore and embrace options for change and move into more preferable ways of being.


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