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The Counseling Process

Stage One



At cold creek we use the concept of ontology (the study of being) to think about the existence of “problems”. How do problems become problems? How do any given instances become labeled as negative or problematic?


In the first stage of the counseling process we identify what about a particular issue makes it a negative or distressing experience? What language is being used to describe or define it? Does the situation require that the actual issue be shifted or changed? Or can perspective be shifted? These are the types of questions we will explore together.


During these initial discussions we will outline different themes of focus, which will help to guide all remaining sessions.

Stage Two



During stage two of the counseling process we work to validate people’s current experiences as they are. At Cold Creek Counseling, we believe that every state of being has some kind of value and even experiences that are being perceived or defined as negative should be acknowledged.


Often times this validation process involves challenging environmental influences (such as culture, society, family, and social circles). The social values and normative standards that surround us often shape our perceptions. At Cold Creek Counseling, we believe that when making space for change, these surrounding factors must be evaluated along with internal individual characteristics.

Stage Three

Consensus / Congruence


Issues or situations are often defined as problematic because the experience does not match our ideal perception or expectation. When defining relational issues as problematic, it is often because perceptions of the individuals involved are not congruent. At Cold Creek Counseling, a final component of the counseling process involves helping people to build a general consensus within themselves and between differing relational perspectives.

Counseling Style

At Cold Creek Counseling we literally embrace the phrase “Talk Therapy”. The general counseling style of most of our clinicians is discourse based. We facilitate therapeutic conversations that open up space for change.

Every situation is different and every client unique. All services are customized to fit each client. Counseling generally lasts between 4 to 8 sessions but will vary depending on client needs. 

Telehealth (Video)

Coming Soon!

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